Monday, May 19, 2014

"Ghost Towns" of the Old West - Weekly Feature!

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I'll be doing a series on Ghost Towns of the Old West. I don't know about you but I'm fascinated with the history of these old towns... and there's a reason they're called 'ghost' towns. The ravages of time might have forsaken them, but don't be too sure ALL of the one-time residents have abandoned the towns. So grab your favorite beverage and settle in for an eerie, historical story every week.

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This week's Ghost Town is CORNUCOPIA located in Oregon. Don't forget to take a close look at the images - is that a ghost standing in the doorway of the old building?

Cornucopia is a ghost town of the gold mining boom of the 1880s in Eastern Oregon, United States. The name of the town was chosen since it meant "Horn of Plenty". Gold was discovered in Cornucopia in 1884. The town was platted in 1886. 

The town of Cornucopia is not far from the little town once known as Halfway. In the 1880s a gold rush occurred nearby in the town of Cornucopia, which remained successful until World War II, when the mines were shut down and Cornucopia became a ghost town.

Cornucopia Peak is in the southern portion of the Wallowa Mountains. Barely inside the Eagle Cap Wilderness, and where the town sprang up. Cornucopia has many standing buildings that are boarded up but you can walk through out the town and listen to the sound of its ghostly residents as they go about their business in the once flourishing town of Cornucopia.

Do you see a Ghost?

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