Friday, September 2, 2016

Welcome #Authors from The Good, The Bad and The Ghostly!

With their new release this week of The Good, The Bad and The Ghostly, I invited the authors of this great boxed set to tell us why they think combining Cowboys and Ghosts make for some awesome stories.

Here’s what they had to say.

Patty Sherry-Crews
I think the old west and ghosts go together very well. We are taken with the folklore of that time and place in the same way we’re intrigued with ghosts. The west is a place where so many cultures came together, clashed, melded, and brought their traditions and stories. Many people migrated there with high hopes but not all achieved success. There are a lot of tragic stories, and many met their end violently. And of course, the basis of so many ghost stories are romances gone wrong.

Keta Diablo
I think cowboys and ghosts are a great combination and two of the most popular tropes right now. Ghost stories…think abandoned ghost towns of the Old West and hawt cowboys. People have always held a fascination for ghosts and the afterlife so why not combine them with rugged, alpha cowboys and see what turns up?

Anita Philmar
This is the best of both worlds. Not only can you have a hot cowboy but a ghost to cause trouble. What more can an author ask for?

Blaire Edens
I love a book that includes elements of more than one genre. Not only are they fun to read, they’re great fun to write. In this case of this story, ghosts and the Old West (my story takes places in the late 1800s) seem like a natural fit. With outlaws and working girls, unrequited love and harsh conditions, there’s bound to be a ghost in nearly every saloon and hotel room. Because the West, especially just after the Civil War, was a land with tons of interesting characters, it’s easy to imagine some of those folks hanging around even after they’ve said their earthly good-byes.

Charlene Raddon
I think it's fabulous. People back then tended to believe in ghosts and the supernatural more than we do now, so it's a good fit.

Margo Collins 
I'm delighted to combine them! I have had a old-west demon-hunter character in mind for a long time; I'm glad to have a chance to write her into a story!

Erin Hayes 
This is right up my alley! I love combining genres because when you do, you come up with something very fun and different. That’s what I’m aiming to do with my story.

Andrea Downing 
You know, I’d never thought of combining the two because I’m something of a purist when it comes to the west, but as soon as Keta suggested the idea I had a story in my head.  It doesn’t always happen that way.  I’m glad to be part of this anthology and think it’s a great, fun idea. 


Thank  you ladies! We enjoyed your visit and loved hearing about your ghosts and rugged cowboys in the Old West!

You can purchase THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GHOSTLY HERE for .99 here! That's eight stories for under one dollar!

Happy reading!

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