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Welcome SUSAN HORSNELL - Western Romance Author

Please help me welcome Susan Horsnell to the blog. She's visiting today to tell us Marshal Mistletoe, her story in the Silver Belles and Stetsons anthology.

Tell us about your story in the Silver Belles anthology

Marshal Mistletoe is about Penny and Eric, a couple who were deeply in love. Unfortunately the Marshal is sent away on duty and because of lies, deceit and jealousy, Penny ends up married to his good friend. Will fate intervene and bring this couple together? Penny is hiding a secret, what could it be?

What inspired you to write Marshal Mistletoe?

I was asked by two of my good friends to join this anthology. I love to write Western Romance. I love to develop my stories using marshals, outlaws, robbery, murder and of course, lots of romance.

What is a typical writing day like for you?

I really, really wish I had one! I can write anywhere from my office, on the couch while hubby is watching TV, in bed, in a waiting room, in our caravan at night when we are travelling, on planes. Get the idea? Wherever I can snatch some minutes.


Penny Turner is the most beautiful girl in Bare, North Wyoming.  She is deeply in love with Eric Miller, the Marshal of Bare. She is the love of his life.

So, why does she end up married to Eric’s friend, Walter Adamson? What happens to place her daughter, Larissa in danger? Can Eric save her? Will these two finally find happiness?


Chapter One

North Wyoming 1870

Penny sighed as Eric released her from the searing kiss. She loved this man with all her heart and knew he must love her.  A man wouldn’t kiss a women like that if he didn’t cherish her.

“What are you thinking, honey?” Eric asked.

“I was thinking about how good I feel in your arms. I know what we just did would be considered wrong, but it felt so right.”


“Not at all.” Penny had never felt so wonderful. She was now a woman and she had given her innocence to the only man she would ever love.

“I should get you home.” Eric started to rise from where they had made love on the blanket. Penny held him tight. “We have to go, honey. It’s past midnight. April and Mitchell will worry.” Since Penny’s family had returned to their native Ireland, the Kelly’s had been kind enough to give her a home. They treated her like a member of their family.

“They know I’m safe with you. Can’t we stay here? Please? Make love to me again.” She placed her finger into the cleft in his chin.

Eric found it difficult to refuse Penny. Hell, she had managed to talk him into making love to her on a blanket by the river. Twice already! He had always promised himself, he would take her innocence in their marriage bed. Slowly, seductively. He knew he was well endowed and hadn’t wanted to hurt her. Making love had been frantic. It had been like trying to tame a wildcat. A wildcat who was possessed. She’d had no trouble taking him. His gal was going to be a handful in bed and he looked forward to it.

Penny was the most beautiful girl Eric had ever set eyes on. Their attraction to each other had been instantaneous. She was tall, only a few inches shorter than his own six feet one inches, with curves where they should be. Her sparkling blue eyes captivated him and he loved the feel of her silky blonde hair as it slipped through his fingers. Her hair was now tangled with pieces of grass caught within it. Thanks to their frantic lovemaking.

He leaned forward and captured her lips in another bone melting kiss. “We have to go. I start work in a few hours.”

Penny grumbled but allowed her lover to stand. Eric was a tall man, handsome and well-muscled. His stormy grey eyes hid nothing as the color changed to reflect his emotions. She watched as he covered his sensuous body with clothes. It was almost sinful to cover such male perfection, but she wouldn’t like any other woman to see him in all his glory. It was hers, and hers alone to worship. She had loved seeing him naked. It seemed like she had waited forever for tonight and she wanted to lie there and bathe in the after-love glow for as long as she could.

“Penny, please.” Eric held out his hand.

She reluctantly stood and allowed him to help her dress.
~ ~ ~
We’d love to get to know you better. Please help us by answering the following:

Favorite Animal = Definitely dogs. I have 2 and have had them all my life.
Biggest fear = Someone thinking they have wasted money on a book of mine.
Easiest person to talk to =  My husband.
Favorite song = Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley.
Favorite book = Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
Ghosts, are they real? = Absolutely. We had one in our house in Adelaide, South Australia. His name was George.
Hometown = Manly, NSW (Sydney suburb)
I'm in love with = My husband and Life.
Middle name = Don’t have one.
One wish = To see our Granddaughter ride at the Olympics.
Reason to smile = I’m alive!
Song you last sang = Bye Bye Baby – Col Joye. Sang along on the radio.
Underwear color = Black
Vacation destination = Hawaii
Favorite Movie = An Affair To Remember – Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr
Worst habit = Grinding my teeth when asleep. I spend a lot of time at the dentist having them repaired because of it.
Favorite food = Chicken
Zodiac sign = Sagittarius

~ ~ ~ 

You can read Susan's story in SILVER BELLES AND STETSONS

Thanks for dropping by today, Susan!


  1. Enticing excerpt, Susan! Also enjoyed learning more about you.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Lyn. You always give me so much support.

  2. Sue, so nice to know more about you. Intriguing excerpt. Best wishes to you and Robert.

    1. Thank you Caroline. You have been such a good friend. Hope to visit again before too long.

  3. Susan, loved your excerpt and your answers to the questions. Somehow, I knew you'd be a black underwear-type girl! LOL Surprised, you being the world traveler, that your favorite vacations spot is Hawaii! But it is a gorgeous place and sooooo laid back!

    1. Haha, Hebby. Just haven't outgrown black. I love Hawaii because it's so friendly, the beaches are gorgeous and the shopping is amazing.

  4. Great post Sue, intriguing excerpt and blurb.

  5. Hi Susan-- thank you for sharing more about yourself in this interview. It's been a pleasure working with you in this anthology. I enjoyed reading Marshal Mistletoe and found the connection between the book's title and the story really fun. Best wishes, Kristin

    1. Aaaw, thank you Kristin. I think this is a great anthology and I loved being a part of it.

  6. Nice interview! I have to get this set ASAP! It would be so cool to see your granddaughter ride at the Olympics!

    1. Thank you D'Ann. The stories in this set are great, even if I am biased. Soon, my friend, I will be there to meet you. I will keep you posted on Tamsen's progress.

  7. Thank you so very much for having me Cait and for your invitation to join the anthology.