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Five Stars for Western Romance Antho - Stilettos at High Noon

Stilettos at High Noon received their first review this week, and it's FIVE Stars!

Triple bill doesn't disappoint!, May 30, 2014 - Carey Decevito, Amazon Reader 

This review is for: Stilettos At High Noon : Western Romance Series: April 2014 (Kindle Edition)

What can I say? I was far from disappointed with this reading material. Here's the scoop!

Outsider in Oklahoma by McKenna Gebhard:
This was a wonderful debut to what I'm sure to say will be a wonderful novel by McKenna Gabhard.

In this contemporary western-themed romance, we're introduced to Aidan, an Oklahoma farm boy turned NYC city slicker. When presented with the unfortunate news of his brother's passing by his assistant Tessa Winters, the duo high-tail it to his family's ranch in an effort to tie up loose ends. Quite quickly, we come to discover that things are a little suspicious about the habits of Aidan's older brother.

When Tessa nearly looses her life trying to save horses from a mysterious barn fire, the incident forces Aidan to reevaluate how he views the woman who'd worked under him for the last seven years.

This teaser of a read closes with some "other thing" gone wrong that very clearly hadn't been the crack of lightening from the storm they had sheltered themselves from. What happened? Your guess is as good as mine. I guess I'll just have to wait this proverbial storm out like Tessa and Aidan until July so I can get my hands on the full novel!

* Accosted In Arizona by Cait Braxton *
"Accosted In Arizona" is a historical paranormal read that didn't disappoint, bringing us into the world of cowboys and native culture.

Catherine is a "white" girl, abducted in her childhood by the Kiowa and held captive and tormented. Escaping the Shaman's (Gomda) grasp, she finds an old shack to give birth and is found by Elam, a man who's lost everything over a decade before but a man who is willing to help her.

This short ends with somewhat of a cliffhanger that I must say has me curious at what could possibly come next. After all, in the paranormal, death doesn't necessarily bring an end to things, especially evil.

Unwanted in Utah by Jennetta Dodge

After the loss of the mother than never truly loved her, Elizabeth (Beth) is escorted by Army men to Utah to meet with her military father.

On the journey, she comes to meet Sparrow Hawk, an Indian scout who's helping the Army men find their way. The unlikely duo befriend one another after a "rocky" start and feelings begin to sprout between "white" and "red".

I'm not much on historical romance stories but I have to say that Jennetta has done a really great job at capturing my attention and keeping it. As I've said, historical may not be my first choice in reading material but Ms. Dodge has sucked me in with this read that I'll definitely be expanding my horizons.

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